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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

As the weather turns brisk and college football is in full swing it is now a great time to plan some campus visits! While the one silver lining of the pandemic was an increase of amazing virtual information sessions from colleges there is nothing like experiencing a school in person. Whether you visit somewhere near or far there are always things to look out for on campus. Always immerse yourself the best you can when you visit. That means an info session, a campus tour and asking questions! Can you sit in on a class or speak with a professor? Can you chat with a current student? Eat in the dining hall? Attend a game? I've given tons of tips on this topic on recent podcasts. Check them out at College Scoops and The New Old You

I have also created a handy checklist attached where you can take notes so that when you develop your final college list and write those essays you will know (and remember) exactly why you want to attend the schools you've decided to apply to! Please feel free to share it with friends and family!

You can copy this link to print, too!! file:///C:/Users/almac/Downloads/Minimalist%20Business%20Order%20Form%20(2).pdf

HAVE FUN and GO 'U'!!!

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