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Laura and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you and your team did to help Alexis get into Texas. You put up with my "you'll never know if you don't apply attitude" and spent countless hours encouraging and giving words of wisdom. Thanks for helping Lexi's story shine! Now onto #2!

-Rob and Laura  (Parents) 

I am so thankful for your help and guidance throughout this process. I could not be more excited to be going to Kelley in the fall. I am especially thankful for your help with my decision to switch my intended major (I know it was a curveball!) I was so nervous to make the decision but I ended up at one of the best business schools and I really feel set up for success. Good luck helping my sister now!

-Maggie (Student)

You were an amazing partner throughout this crazy and exciting process... you are the BEST! Your HONESTY is your greatest quality.

-Lexi (Student)

Thank you for all you have done for Allie. Your wisdom, guidance and patience resulted in so many amazing options for her. You've made another one of our daughters very happy! You're the BEST!


-Tama and Jim


Wow! Can't believe the journey is over and it has the happiest of endings at Cornell! Thank you so much for being there every step of the way with your advice, guidance, encouragement, patience (such incredible patience!) and support! From answering questions of panic late at night to finding the perfect synonym, you are extraordinary and we feel so grateful to have found you, gotten to know you and your huge heart, and have you in our corner from the very start!

-Lisa and Alan


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